Charles Augustine – Bio

Like many gym owners, I found my calling to help people live better lives through my own fitness journey in sports during adolescence. After college, with my degree in Exercise Physiology in hand, I decided the path I had originally set out for in traditional collegiate strength and conditioning — with its long traditions and strict rules — was not the path for me. After a couple of years working for other small gym owners I decided the only path for me was to start my own gym. I wanted to help people look better, feel better, have more energy, and live more productive lives with the freedom to do it my own way.

It was 18 months from the day I decided to go my own way to the day I opened the doors. It was 18 months of securing investors, finding the right space, negotiating a favorable lease, finding a contractor, building out the space, and finally getting last approval from the county. This was an arduous task in itself. At the same time, I was working full time to pay the bills, developing a brand, building a website, marketing my new gym, and training clients out of my home.

After making it through that gauntlet with excitement in my eyes I finally opened the doors to my gym early on a Saturday morning. I decided early on that I would not “steal” members from other gyms. My gym was going to be different, and therefore I did not want to bring the culture and expectations of other gyms to mine. On day one I had 13 members, 5,000 square feet to fill, and a lot of bills to pay.  

From an outside perspective my business was doing great. My business was known as the place to go in town if you wanted to get in shape, have fun doing it, and do so in an environment where you felt comfortable.

The truth is: I struggled for years to break even and then make enough money to pay myself. I was convinced — thanks to my own ego and the marketing gimmicks sold to me — that all I need was more members. I hired a few marketing companies that sold me on getting more me more clients, but at the end of the day I always spent more money than I made on the dea and they were never the right clients! I was constantly focused on getting more members but I had tapped out all of the resources I had at my disposal. Or so I thought.

After a few years of frustration and struggling I had lost the excitement and passion for the business that was supposed to be my big dream. I finally came to the conclusion that while I am a great trainer and an even better tribe-builder, I had not developed the proper skills to be a great and successful businessman.

At that moment I knew what I needed was a mentor and a business coach. I had spent years developing my skills as a trainer and expert in the fitness industry, but naively thought I could jump into owning a business and running it successfully without the proper training. And just like the clients I served I could try to figure it out on my own, but it would take me a lot longer than I wanted and the chance of me going down the wrong path was high.

As fate would have it soon after coming to this realization I received a call from Ron Gordon. When I talked to Ron I recognized immediately that he was the type of mentor I was looking for and needed: He’s been in the fitness business for years and he understands what it takes to build and run a successful business across many different fitness program styles and even geographic locations.

Most importantly, Ron was not going to sell me some prepackaged program that was going to get me results fast and then leave me high and dry. Ron told me upfront that with some hard work on my part he was going to train me to build a healthy and successful businesses and that I could take those skills and build whatever I wanted with them.

I signed up for the top program, VIP Coaching. I knew that I was the best and so I needed the best. I wasn’t afraid of the hard work. I’ve been working hard my whole life. If this business was going to be successful it had to start with me. I needed to change who I was from being an average business owner who was barely getting by to a successful business owner who paid himself and his staff what they deserved and gave his clients the best possible service he could because he wasn’t exhausted all of the time.

The first month in the program there was a lot of mindset training. Ron told me that my current mindset got me to where I was today. If I wanted to be a massive success it was going to take a massive mindset shift. To say I was uncomfortable was a gross understatement. Ron had me doing things that I had been avoiding as a business owner, and yet every time I did one of those new things my business started to grow.

Fast forward 6 months and I was heading into my typical lowest performing months of the year. I’m sure I am not the only one who experiences this in October, November, and December, but I dreaded that time of year every year.

This time though, I was a new type of business owner. My staff were in their correct roles and I was empowered to change the status quo and to grow!

I grew my business by 20% in those 3 months. I also had the systems and staff in place to ensure that the growth was sustainable and those new client would be served the same or better than my current clients. I also had the confidence to know my current clients would not be left feeling neglected by the growth of new people.

I went into the New Year with a new excitement for my business I hadn’t felt in years. I knew this was the new me and the new form of my business that was in-line with my dreams and the future that I wanted for my family.

I joined the 6 Figure Trainers team because I know there are so many fitness professionals out there who are just like I was. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and changing people’s lives daily. Yet they are neglecting their own lives. The are giving all they have to their clients and their business and at the end of the day they leave little for themselves and their families.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I work with fitness professionals today to show them how to run a business that gives them the life they want and the freedom to spend as much time and energy with their families that they want.

You started your business for a reason. If you have lost sight of that reason because of “the realities of the world” and because you are exhausted from working so hard then it’s time for a mindset shift and time to take massive action to work for the future you want, not the one you’ll settle for.