2019 Executive Report

5 Common Reasons Most Fitness Businesses Fail, & 3 Ways to Be the Most Popular Fitness Business in Your Area

Learn what it takes to be more successful in your business and guard yourself against the types of things that put gyms and trainers out of business!

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Since we rely on the success of local commerce, as you do, we feel it is our obligation to make sure local businesses are as successful as possible.

We underwrite the costs of a program that shows you the five most common reasons fitness businesses fail. It also shows you the three ways to become the most popular fitness business in your community.

This is a completely free program, designed to make your business more successful and rewarding. Content delivery takes about 33 minutes. We also answer questions, so you want to plan for about 50 minutes.

We ask only one thing from you. We limit the attendance at these sessions and turn people away when we reach our limit. Once you commit, all we ask is the professional courtesy that you attend, or at least give us 24 hours’ notice to fill your seat if you can’t attend.