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Helping YOU build the next version of your business is our mission. In addition to the programs below we also publish a frequent email with tips to build your business fast. All you need to do is signup. Go here.

Executive Report – Start here! And it’s FREE!

We are only successful when you are. To help you, we have underwritten the cost of a study to get to the bottom of what makes a fitness business fail or succeed. We had the research compiled into an executive report:
5 Ways Most Fitness Business Fail & 3 Ways to Make Your Business the Most Popular in Your Area. 

This report will give you an incredible understanding of the industry, the deathtraps to avoid and how to THRIVE in your market

It’s completely FREE! Sign up here.

At a Glance

Coached Program with Accountability

  • Elite VIP Mentoring
  • VIP Mentoring
  • 120-day Marketing for a membership Surge
  • Mentor on Call
  • Team Building 101
  • On-Site Visit

Do It Yourself Programs

  • Ultimate New Member and Client Machine
  • Free Resources

Elite VIP Mentoring, Application Required

As the name implies, this is our top-of-the-line mentoring program for those really serious and ready to take their business to the next level, now.

An application and interview are required for admittance into this program. Contact Ron directly at 585-737-3316 to set up a time to discuss the details without any commitments.

VIP Mentoring, Application Required

This is the cornerstone of our coaching and mentoring programs. We lead you through four training modules designed to give you the understanding and foundation of business success.

Next, we work with you to develop a written plan to explode your business in 6 to 12 months. The plan consists of both strategy, priorities and tactics for all 10 key areas of your business.

Entry into the VIP mentoring program is by invitation only. If you are interested please request an application from Ron at rg@6figuretrainers.com

120 Day Membership Surge, $5,999, on sale for $3,999

Looking specifically for a marketing program. Our 120-day Membership Surge is perfect for that.

We provide you with a proven marketing plan. With your help we work side-by-side, together, to tweak the plan to perfectly fit your situation.

We stay in constant contact with you and assist you throughout the 120 days. We are in essence your silent partner. Go here to get started.

Mentor on Call, $497/month

There is nothing like our Mentor on Call program in the industry! For a low monthly fee, you have 6 Figure Trainers as your personal mentor. You will supply us with some key information that we need to understand your business. Once we have reviewed that, we are here to serve you in whatever way you need. Just ask.

Our Mentor on Call program is extremely flexible. There are no contracts or long term agreements. To learn more contact Ron rg@6figuretrainers.com. or (585) 737-3316.

Team Building 101, Call for Quote (585) 737-3316

Your team is one of our most important assets of your business. They are crucial to your success

Don’t take chances in your hiring and intake process. Follow our proven, organized plan to get the right people in the right seats on your bus. Contact Ron to discuss a strategy and price. rg@6figuretrainers.com, (585) 737-3316

The Ultimate New Member and Client Machine, $247

Need marketing and determined to go at it alone. We respect you for that. This program is perfect for you. It’s self-study so you can proceed at your own pace. Sign up here.

On-Site Visit, $3,000 plus expenses

We come to you for two full days. Clear your schedule and rest up. This will be an action-packed, thought-provoking and totally inspiring 2 days. We work on your most pressing issues.

In addition, we stay with you for the next 30 days. During this time you have us as your VIP mentors, guiding you as you implement the strategies and tactics you committed to during our visit. Learn more – contact Ron rg@6figuretrainers.com, or (585) 737-3316.