The Art & Science of Picking Winners

I’m not talking about the lottery in the subject live above.  I am talking about getting results much more probable than winning the lottery. Creating the right team is the answer to almost all of

Ron Gordon

Three Foundations For Your Marketing Efforts

taking the time to answer these three questions first, will provide a solid basis for all of your marketing efforts. These questions will also save you time and money.

Ron Gordon

What Is Your Time Worth?

I shared this with my Elite VIP clients last week and it’s just too good to not share with everyone.  Think About This…  $100,000 If you’d like to earn $100,000 a year but aren’t hitting

Ron Gordon

Is It Time For The 11th Commandment?

Tracking critically important efforts on a daily basis keeps us on track for massive accomplishments.

Ron Gordon

Gaining Inspiration From Other’s Success

6 Figure Trainers 2019 success stories. Two outstanding examples of business growth in very competitive markets.

Ron Gordon

Is It Time For A Mini-Goal?

Helping people in real ways is the key to membership satisfaction and retention in a fitness business.

Ron Gordon

The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Business

Commoditization is the worst thing you can do to a small business in a competitive market space.

Ron Gordon

What We Can Learn From The Banking Industry

Good customer service is something you existing customers feel, or not. It all comes down to how they are treated.

Ron Gordon

How to Measure Daily Progress Toward Your Goals

Don’t overlook the importance of tracking daily progress in business. It’s very easy with this simple plan.

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