Maintaining Focus

I am back home after my 90-day road trip. Yes, I was on the road for three months, to the day. This was the longest trip I have had away from home. It was a


Win-Win-Win Marketing Strategy

There is no question, your current members are your best marketing asset. I am always amazed by how ineffectively this resource is used. Consider what energy you would have in your business if every one


The Only Discount For The Fitness Professional

I’m heading out to spend some on-site time with a client today. I really like being on-site. The perspective is so different. Before I finish packing up I want to share something I am very


How To Create A Real Explosion In Record Time

Not gonna lie. There are times I struggle when it comes to writing these emails.  I know the struggle comes from inside me, an internal ego thing. I desperately want to share information because I


The 2019 Final Push

We had a lot of family things going on yesterday.  It was one of those times when memories are made. Unexpected visitors, and very welcome drop-ins. The big attraction was the twin boys who just


Should You Build A Team NOT Like You?

At 6 figure trainers, we spend considerable time and energy with our VIP clients helping them build their teams.  We have a variety of assessments we give the prospective candidate. In fact, we run the


Do You Turn (Enough) People Away?

Could you move into a completely new town where you know no one and quickly build a successful fitness business?  Could you do it without a huge investment of money?  I actually can’t think of


Are You Ready For A Plot Twist?

My recent visit to the hospital was a shocker.  I enjoy being very active. Most of my life has been spent training for triathlons, mountain climbing, kayaking and lately, riding a motorcycle. To make a


Mining For Gold (Part 3)

I visit gyms all over the country. I see first-hand what they are doing for marketing and sales. I listen to them interview me as a prospective member, or simply someone who wants to see

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